In 2011 the City of Toronto conducted a survey for residents living downtown and in the centres.

The purpose of the consultation was to engage with condo residents, condo boards, businesses located in condo buildings, property managers, City staff and others to identify possible changes to City policies as they relate to condo living in Toronto.

The health of Toronto’s condo communities is critical to the future health of our city as a whole. With the number of new condos quickly changing the face of Toronto, there’s a lively and high profile discussion underway regarding what impact these condos will have/are having on the people living in the condos as well as on the broader city.

The Consultation Process

Swerhun Facilitation and Decision Support were retained to facilitate the consultation. Their team also included architects, planners and an engineer who specializes in condominium issues to provide technical and policy advice.

The consultation proceeded in two rounds: the first to identify issues, and the second to develop responses to the issues. Each round consisted of a public meeting in each Community Council area and a workshop with Builders and Developers. Reports from each round of meetings are available below.

City Council Direction

At its meeting in July 2014, Toronto City Council considered the staff report on the condo consultation and adopted a series of recommendations for further action: