In October of 2015, City Planning received a conceptual Official Plan Amendment from First Gulf, to permit development of a broad variety of non-residential land uses providing employment opportunities for approximately 50,000 workers. The vision included policies to broaden the current permission for traditional employment uses of manufacturing and warehousing to plan for a vibrant and active office district supported by retail and services in a compact urban form.

With this application, the City together with area landowners and stakeholders commenced a comprehensive assessment of the potential of the Unilever Precinct, the approximately 25 hectare (62 acre) parcel bounded by the Don River in the west, Lake Shore Boulevard East in the south, Booth Avenue in the east and Eastern Avenue and the Metrolinx rail embankment in the north. First Gulf is the largest landowner in the Unilever Precinct, and the City is the second-largest landowner.

In December of 2016, City Planning received applications for rezoning and subdivision from First Gulf, which continued to advance the applicant’s vision for a new office employment node with a substantial retail component. These applications are limited to the lands First Gulf owns, however master planning for the entire Unilever Precinct also continues to advance.