Affidavits regarding City business can be commissioned in the City Clerk’s Office (Registry Services) free of charge. This service is available by appointment only.

These are the types of affidavits that can be commissioned by our staff:

  • Property tax matters
  • Municipal elections
  • Complaint under the Council Code of Conduct
  • Poll being conducted by the City
  • Change of name application

We can also complete proof of life forms and letters, also known as pension forms and letters.

Book An Appointment

Contact us to:

  • Confirm your affidavit can be commissioned
  • Book an appointment with a Commissioner

Complete your document before your appointment. Do not sign the affidavit section of the document. At your appointment you must:

  • Present your completed document
  • Present one piece of government issued identification showing your name and signature
  • Sign the affidavit section of the document in the presence of the Commissioner

Commissioning of Documents Not Related to City Business

If you need a document commissioned, but it is not related to City business, you could:

  • Contact your Councillor: Councillors are commissioners for taking affidavits by virtue of their office. It is entirely at the discretion of a Councillor whether or not they wish to commission documents.
  • Contact 211Toronto: Enter “commissioner of oaths” in the search field to find a list of agencies that provide this service or dial 211.
  • Contact Directory Assistance: Dial 411.
  • Search the web: Enter “Commissioners for Taking Affidavits in Toronto” in the search field of your web browser.

Proof of Life Forms and Letters

These documents may also be called pension forms or letters. If you need a form or letter completed you must:

  • Visit us in person
  • Submit the documents requesting proof of life
  • Present photo identification as proof of identity
  • There is no fee for this service.