Bylaw Review

The City of Toronto is conducting a review of its development charges bylaw. The Provincial Development Charges Act requires municipalities to adopt a development charges bylaw every five years, if not sooner.

To renew its DC by-law, the City must complete a comprehensive development charges background study to forecast the city’s future residential and non-residential growth, and to identify the related infrastructure needs and costs.

Fact Sheet – 2017 Development Charges Bylaw Review


  • Data collection – Spring to Summer 2017
  • Development charges calculations – Summer to Fall 2017
  • Stakeholder consultation – Spring 2017 to Winter 2017/18
  • Background study – Winter 2017/18
  • Public meeting – Winter 2017/18
  • Council consideration – Spring 2018
  • Implementation 2018

Consultations with Stakeholders

The public consultation process includes a stakeholder consultation process beginning in June 2017 to discuss the review process, development charges background study methodology and draft calculations, and development charges policies. After considering input received through the consultation process, a background study and bylaw will be published for further consideration at a statutory public meeting in Fall 2017.

Industry Stakeholder Meeting #1 – Overview, Growth Forecast and Service Levels (June 5, 2017):

Presentation to Stakeholders

Industry Stakeholder Meeting #2 – Service Levels (July 10, 2017)

Presentation to Stakeholders

Draft Health Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Housing Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Library Inventory PDF Excel
Draft EMS Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Childcare Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Fire Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Park and Recreation (Partial) Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Police Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Roads Inventory PDF Excel
Draft Shelter Inventory PDF Excel

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