The eight Arena Boards of Management (Arena Boards) provide high quality indoor ice sport recreational facilities and where applicable other recreational facilities such as community rooms or banquet halls. They set ice rental rates, develop programs, approve the annual budget, direct and hire the Arena Manager, set staff compensation and benefits, and in consultation with the General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Forestry allocate ice-time to users on an annual basis.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Arena Boards of Management.

The Arena Boards provide safe, full and equitable access to high quality indoor ice sport recreational facilities that are managed effectively and efficiently to provide opportunities for physical fitness and sport skill development through individual and team activities in response to local community needs.

List of Arena Boards of Management


  • George Bell Arena;
  • Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Arena;
  • Leaside Memorial Community Gardens Arena;
  • McCormick Playground Arena;
  • Moss Park ArenaNorth Toronto Memorial Arena;
  • North Toronto Memorial Arena;
  • Ted Reeve Community Arena; and
  • William H. Bolton Arena.

2014 Service Overview

The eight Arena Boards of Management are mandated to do the following:

  • Provide equitable access to high quality indoor and outdoor ice sport recreational opportunities by:
    • maintaining physical facilities at a high standard;
    • maintaining a high level of responsiveness to community needs;
    • providing a high standard of public service to the community; and
    • ensuring that program offerings reflect present and emerging community interests and requirements.
  • Efficiently and effectively manage operations without imposing operating costs on the taxpayer by:
    • minimizing operating expenditures;
    • pursuing present and emerging revenue opportunities;
    • pursuing opportunities to provide new or improved programs to maximize the arena’s use; and
    • maximizing opportunities to generate supplementary revenues from accessory operations to support arena operations.

The eight Board-operated arenas deliver two primary services to the public – ice programming and booking; and arena facility booking.

Ice Programming and Booking

The Arena Boards allocate use of available ice time, primetime ice and daytime ice, in a fair and equitable manner among neighbourhood citizens and organizations and arena user groups, with particular consideration given to addressing the needs of the local community. Primetime ice utilization is at or near full capacity at all eight arenas.

Ice Allocation (Ice Time Booking)

  • 19 hours/day, seven days/week, except Christmas day;
  • Directly run (programmed): house leagues (hockey) and tournaments; summer hockey schools/camps; Learn-to-Skate programs; power skating camps; figure skating schools; Second Mile Club (seniors programs); adult winter programs for men and women; summer leagues; and all Board-run programs; and
  • Indirect third-party coordinated (booking)

Arena Facility Booking

The Arena Boards provide arena facility rental of its facility/space to facility renters, ice users, participants, or attendees, on unsolicited request or through marketing ice time availability. The Arena Boards have accessory operations, providing snack bar/vending and Pro Shop services such as skate sharpening, selling hockey equipment and house league jerseys, snack bar food, and hot and cold beverages. The Arenas also sell advertising space on its rink boards, backlit lights and on its ice resurfacers. Revenues from ancillary operations account for 24.4 per cent of total earned revenues which goes towards covering arena operating expenditures and contribute towards the Arena Boards’ ability to break even financially. Revenues are gained from:

  • Facility Rental:
    • Year-round facility/space rental (daily rental); daytime/night time; 364 days/year.
    • Banquet hall; meeting/Board rooms; community rooms; parking lot; arena floor; indoor swimming pool (Leaside Gardens rents its pool to Parks, Forestry & Recreation).
  • Snack bar; vending machines; pro shop.
  • Rink board advertising; advertising on ice resurfacer machine
  • Concession/Vending
  • Advertising/Promotion

2014 Operating Budget

Service 2014 Approved Budget ($000’s)



George Bell Arena



William H. Bolton Arena



Larry Grossman Forest Hill Memorial Arena



Leaside Memorial Community Gardens



McCormick Playground Arena



Moss Park Arena



North Toronto Memorial Arena



Ted Reeve Arena







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